Assistant snapshot disappears from Google app for some


Assistant Snapshot continues the legacy of Google Now, although its importance is diminished from the previous stream. Its status could be even lower in priority following two disturbing changes to Snapshot in the Google app and Assistant.

Update 29/11: This bug reappeared for some with the Google app 12.46 beta. For those concerned, the “Snapshot” tab has disappeared from the bottom bar of the Google app, while the shortcut is no longer present at the top of the Discover feed on the home screen.

It affects both Pixel and non-Pixel devices, but does not appear to be widespread. In August, the Assistant flow was restored with the next Google app update.

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08/27 original: Over the past week, some Google app users have noticed that the “Snapshot” tab between “Discover” and “Search” has disappeared on Android. People end up with three or four tabs depending on whether or not they have a separate redesign that moves the “More” page to the account menu in the upper right corner.

Meanwhile, the latest Google Assistant design on Pixel phones that rolled out in early August also removed the “Snapshot” corner shortcut that appears after activation.

As such, these users have only one primary way to access Snapshot. They should visit the Discover stream to the left of Pixel Launcher and press the button on the top left. It’s not a simple, or even visible, way to access this feed, while the “Hey Google, show me my day” voice command is even worse and harder to discover. You were able to add a shortcut to the Home screen early on, but once deleted, there is no way to get it back.

We have only received two reports of the disappearance of the instant assistant from the Google app, so it could simply be a bug. However, the removal of the Assistant panel feels more permanent, as this is the final design for the last few weeks.

This is a worrying trend for a feed that most people aren’t too aware of. It is intended to provide a chronological, map-based overview of your schedule. It’s mostly filled with calendar events, but other entries display nearby restaurants, music / podcast suggestions, bill reminders, and more. The “Snapshot” brand arrived in March 2020 with a big overhaul and was previously known as “Updates”.

Google’s plans for the capacity are unclear at this time, with significant placement – at the very least – needed to drive adoption. While these two recent removals are part of a planned change, it’s unclear what positioning would make Snapshot even more visible.

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