Rates, credit and credit buy-back: unheard of for 70 years

Rates continue to fall, beating their record highs, in March 2016 the levels observed were never as low as at the end of the Second World War, enough to awaken the desires for credits and household credit repurchase.

Home loan: lower rates and feasible projects

Home loan: lower rates and feasible projects

The housing credit observatory assesses the level of rates practiced in the production of mortgage loans on the French soil each month. For the previous month, production increased by 26.8% compared to March 2015, which suggests a crazy year in terms of credit and low rates.

Over 15 years, borrowers managed to obtain rates on average of 1.73% over 15 years compared to 1.90% in February 2016. Over the 20 and 25 year terms, the rates increased from 2.17% 1.99% and 2.52% to 2.34%. In other words, all levels have fallen to offer French households good borrowing capacity.

The more the rates are reduced and the more the borrowing capacity swells, so a borrower will be able to carry out his project and will be able to benefit from a larger envelope, whether for the purchase in the old, the purchase in the new or to invest in rental, an emerging trend.

Credit repurchase: savings at the end

Credit repurchase: savings at the end

The rates in the repurchase of credit are not the same because it is necessary to take other factors like the change of direct debit, the negotiation with the banking actors and the insurance which can represent a significant cost. In this month of March 2016, the rates remain lower and close to those practiced for the mortgage, what to realize great savings if the loan was contracted between 2008 and 2010.

Whether in renegotiation or in pure credit repurchase, the conditions are there and some households having renegotiated in 2014 see in 2015 are thinking of having their home loan repurchased a second time, vigilance is required because the share of costs of the operation can be a serious obstacle to the operation. It should be borne in mind that for this type of operation, the gain of money is necessary otherwise the borrower has no interest in using it.

Regarding the grouping of several loans in one

loan consolidation

Rates also fell for the second quarter, whether within banks or on banking intermediation networks, attractive conditions that can reduce the increase in total cost which will provide households with a smaller and more suitable monthly payment.

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